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Teaching content through a foreign language (CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a 1990ís newcomer in Europe. So far, there are a number of implementations around, but there is no established pedagogy targeting the language of learning and teaching, and assessing language learning in CLIL.

The objectives of the LICI (Language in Content Instruction) project were to develop language learning and teaching in CLIL by producing a principled and pedagogical model and a set of outputs based on the model.

The LICI outputs are based on the model and they consist of: teaching materials (DVD) for teaching social sciences and science at primary and secondary level, and third level sociology, science and marketing, a teacherís and trainerís handbook, and a website for dissemination and discussion during project life and after. The target languages are DE, EN and FR, and for some materials also FI, IT, LT and HU. The products will be used by students, content and/or language teachers and teacher trainers.